Dental Scrap is any dental material, used or unused, that has a value higher than the expenses linked to its processing and recycling. It plays a pivotal role in the contemporary Precious Metal Market. The revenue generated from this often-overlooked resource can be substantial, providing a lucrative opportunity for dental professionals.

An image of dental scrap - dental crowns assorted in rows, with one gold crown standing out from silver dental scrap.

Southern Dental Refining offers immediate cash compensation for materials recovered from dental practices and laboratories. We buy, sell, and refine Gold, Platinum, Silver, and Palladium.

In the dynamic landscape of dental care, the importance of sustainable practices and resource utilization cannot be overstated. Our commitment to contributing to both the financial well-being of dental practitioners and environmental sustainability underscores our dedication to fostering a mutually beneficial relationship. As the demand for precious metals persists, our process ensures that dental practices can convert their dental scrap into financial gains.

Licensed and Insured

Southern Dental Refining is licensed to transport Biohazard Medical Waste (Dept. of Health #7707) and purchase dental scrap. We have insured mailing service for out of state clients to quickly and easily get paid for their dental scrap.

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