Southern Dental Refining buys scrap precious metal from dentists and orthodontists. We offer convenient office pick-up or insured mail service. Either way, you’re dealing as close to the refiner as you can without getting burned by the furnace. We are a small, family-owned company with no pushy salespeople. There are no middlemen in our transactions, so you’re assured to get the highest payout. We’re so confident you’ll be pleased with doing business with us, we offer a free assay. Whether you sell to us or not, you’ll know exactly how much precious metal you have and what it’s worth. Call today to schedule a free, no obligation assessment. We’ll bring some cookies and discuss your scrap metal revenue program.

We Buy Dental Gold

gold bar

We Buy Dental Platinum

platinum bar

We Buy Dental Silver

silver bar

We Buy Dental Palladium

palladium bar

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