Sell Your Dental Scrap

Sell your dental scrap to Southern Dental Refining (SDR) and get paid more. We have “refined” our business practice to minimize overhead and maximize efficiency so we can afford to pay more for salvaged dental scrap. 

We Pay Top Dollar for:

  • Gold Dental Scrap
  • Platinum Dental Scrap
  • Silver Dental Scrap
  • Palladium Dental Scrap

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6 Tips for Getting the Most Money for Your Dental Scrap

  1. Don’t let scrap go without getting a price quote from a trusted buyer. If you have been using a dental scrap buyer for many years, it may be a good idea to get some other quotes. Loyalty is great, but it’s about getting paid what the scrap is worth.
  2. Know the total weight of your scrap. Weigh your scrap with a post scale to get a rough idea of how much you have. This way when you get quotes from dental scrap
    buyers you’ll know you’re talking about the same amount of material.
  3. Request an assay. A detailed assay of your scrap metal will give you an accurate value based on the exact weight of each precious metal. Some buyers that don’t offer an assay will hedge their bets and give you a quote based on the assumed amount of junk and may pay you only the value of the weight of the least valuable precious metal.
  4. Get paid quickly. A reputable dental scrap buyer should be able to pay on the spot or with a few days if an assay is requested. Most buyers have the ability to pay cash on the spot for clients that want it, or they can do an assay and make a payout in a day or two. Some reputable buyers will even offer satisfaction guarantees and will return your scrap if you are not satisfied with your offer.
  5. Collect 100% of proceeds. Don’t fall for the “we give a portion of proceeds to charity” ploy that some scrap buyers claim. You should receive all of the proceeds paid for your scrap. If you want to give a tax deductible donation to a charity, get full price and make a donation yourself.
  6. Beware of impostors. Some unscrupulous dental scrap buyers have resorted to impersonating couriers from other companies. While they may give you cash on the spot, it most likely will not be the same payout amount as the reputable buyer you have developed a relationship with.


We offer a free, no obligation assay of your dental scrap. We’ll remove the waste from your dental scrap to give you a precise measurement of your precious metal.


We purchase dental scrap from anywhere in the United States. We have insured mailing containers for quick and convenient service. 


Refiner of Precious Metals

We refine gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and other precious metals used in the dental industry. Contact Us to arrange a free, no obligation assay.


Free Cookies when we buy your Dental Scrap

While it’s sweet getting paid for scrap dental metal that would normally be discarded, it’s even sweeter when your payout is larger and accompanied by fresh baked cookies for the whole office. Call for a Free Sample and No-Obligation Assay.