We realize once you’ve accumulated a good amount of dental scrap, it’s hard to tell how much is valuable precious metal and how much is dental waste. While we can estimate fairly well, an assay will tell you and us exactly how much Gold, Platinum, Silver and Palladium you have to sell. 

Free, No Obligation Offer

Once we have the exact weight and accurate measurement of the composition of your content, we’ll make you an accurate offer to buy your dental scrap. 

We offer this free assay service because we’re confident you’ll like our offer because it’s higher than you’d get from anyone else. We have “refined” our business to minimize overhead and maximize efficiency so we can afford to pay more. There are no middlemen in our transactions, so you’re assured to get the highest payout. 

Whether you sell to us or not, your assay will show you exactly how much precious metal you have and what it’s worth. Call today to schedule a free, no obligation assay. We’ll bring some cookies and discuss your scrap metal revenue program.

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